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phi·los·o·phy /fəˈläsəfē/ the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence

Gentle Stream

life should flow as water flows

around the obstacles

through the holes

over the little things

harmoniously with the living

to eat breakfast

is to ground yourself

is to start the day with the right energy

and should be a family event

Heart Shaped Waffles
Trendy Neon Background
Trendy Neon Background

to notice layers

is to live in multiple dimensions

and grows your consciousness

On a Run

to be physical

is to connect with your own soul

and those you touch

who touch you back

Fun with Guitar

Racism is a result of ignorance, not hate, much like other -isms. Most people aren't hateful toward those different than themselves. Rather, they are unfamiliar with other kinds of people and thereby fearful of them. We must educate each other with compassion rather than disdain. 

Educators have the power to make or break society. It is their responsibility to ensure the education they deliver to youngsters is truthful, even when it means opposing books. It is their responsibility to educate the young with "how" to think in addition to "what". It is their responsibility to elevate society, and thereby humanity itself. 

Assuming responsibility of the self is true empowerment. By accepting responsibility of the self, you inadvertently regain your personal power and self-control. You are a slave to none when you are responsible for yourself. 

To master your mind, master your thoughts. To master your thoughts, be mindful. Your conscious mind (CM) programs your subconscious mind (SM). Your thoughts guide your feelings. Your feelings manifest your reality. Your reality is absorbed by your soul and is then reflected in your eyes so the right souls could find each other.

If you don't like your environment, change it. Your environment is your home, your work atmosphere, your family and friends, etc. It impacts you every single day. If you're unhappy with life, analyze your environment and change it until you find peace and happiness. 

Happiness is a temporary state of being, like Christmas, but different. Appreciate it when you have it and accept it when you don't, knowing it'll come back around.

Where you begin does not look the same as where you end. 

Everything travels in circles. 

Look up.



Hand Holding a Plant
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