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My Perspective

Society is an organism in itself. Just as the human body has cells and organs and systemic functions, so does society mimic our very own nature. And we understand that if we don't have the right nourishment, our physical systems will begin to fail. We need the right vitamins and minerals and amino acids, etc. for our bodies to maintain proper function. Society needs that, too... It needs the proper nourishment in the correct proportions. It calls attention to the things that we need but we don't know how to listen to the cries.


For example, many people are complaining about the weight pandemic in the USA. It costs too much in healthcare. It utilizes more resources. It's causing people to die earlier and suffer physical disabilities, disabilities, heart problems, etc. It's causing a rise in the need for new medications to treat rising issues, etc. This is what I hear people complaining about on the news and talk shows and out to lunch with their friends. 

Here's how I see it. Our society got fat so we can notice that people are gorging themselves. But why? Why are people eating and eating and supersizing everything? My assessment... Their inner pieces are feeling starved and insatiated no matter how much they eat. Their souls are lacking proper nourishment. Their inner selves are missing things and they don't know where to go to fill the emptiness they feel so they turn to temporary gratifications to help themselves when there's nowhere else to turn. 

For those people offended by my use of the word "fat", please see video 1511 OFFENSE & INSULT on YouTube. Thanks and may you find the nourishment you seek :)

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