To Know, To Live, To Love

Where it hurts so deeply

Even devils won’t go there

Where it burns hotter

Than the fire at the cave’s mouth

That’s when I know I must

Explore it, know it

Brave it no matter the outcome

For that is the heart of life

And what point is there

To live only in part?

All the wealth worth anything

Is found in depth

And if I can’t know the pits

Of your essence

Than what point is there

To know you at all?



I once had a goat 

A pet, a friend for the summer

A life experience

A beating heart to love

Blinking eyes in which to gaze

Even a faint smile that shared my joy

When we played

They fed her to me

Unbeknownst to my childhood wit

And the discovery broke my heart 

And made me sick with hate

For barbarism

For apathy

For ignorance

For pain

For loss of friends

And I’ve never been the same



When he feigned sadness

And I believed his trained tears

I didn’t know where it would go

Where my innocence would disappear

And those things about this world

That are grossly real

Would find me so young

So dumb

Make me so numb

That when I saw such drops again

I wouldn’t believe their origin

Spectrums circle, you see

And end to end have similar tails

But the tales are vastly different


Inevitable Places

There are places in this life

From which none can hide

Haunting in the night

And steeling sleep

Monsters dwellings

Homes of thieves

Taking from your dreams

Dropping hearts to knees

With harsh realities

Some arrive sooner 

Some are lucky with numbness

Of the mind

Dark glasses to keep them blind

To the sights in these places

The familiar faces

But none can escape them

At some point in life

Just a matter of time

And suspense as the

Pendulum swings

Collecting things

Collecting things


Dried Up

I’ve been through horrid things

Broken wings, broken tails

Broken hearts and fractured soul

No telling how far life will go

To prove a point

And I must be missing something

To have landed in such places

Despite the care, the fear to keep

Things there and me here

It’s never been enough

To keep dangerous stuff

From finding me

So, danger isn’t foreign

And fear is of the past

And pain isn’t a threat 

Since it doesn’t last

Relatively speaking, of course

So dear life, come at me

I’ve not much left to lose

Can’t eat fat

Can’t drink booze

Well went dry

Can’t cry for you


My Friend, The Sun

My friend, the sun, the ancient one

Has followed me for years

Became the source of many things

Since earliest memories of him

Brought me portals and questionings

He helped pave my way when

Winds were cold as ice

And despite, he lit the way

Melted gray and torched my path

So I was never in the dark too long

And I’m grateful for knowing him

For so, so long that he’s recorded in 

My art from the very start of it all

A precious brick I look upon

With fondness in my eyes

Although my mother said not to

Stare directly, I’d burn them there

But I never cared as much as I

Should have

Because eyes are not the objects

Round, but something deeper

That mirrors him at the apex

Of the mind and I’d know him

Even with blinded eyes

I’ve been reminded


The Leaving

I never left you there

After I had poured my heart

My soul, my whole

Into truth and love

I never left you there

In those places that

Housed the origins of 

Life essences

And rainbows

I never left you there

Exposed, alone


I’d never leave you there

Like that

Like anything

I see that my lack of

Presence appears as 

A leaving

But can’t you feel it?

Have you lied?

Don’t you know what you

Have inside?
I never left you there

I can feel your heart

Beat inside mine

I can feel your tears

Cry in my eyes

Neither I nor you


That’s how I know it’s true

You keep coming back to me

And I to you

I never left you there

Or anywhere

Because I can’t imagine a

Day without you

In this life

It’s never goodbye, but

See you next time