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The texture of you

Is like a that of a dragon


You smell like triumph and sound like balance

Wearing thoughts around your neck

So proudly

Your proximity causes my quiver 

On a scale of Great

And I can't deny I fear

Collapsing in your presence

Like a Redwood

Stiff and


Yet somehow you give me peace

And comfort

Like that cozy white blanket

In that place I call home

And I feel your softness

Cocoon me

From your distance

The Grecian vibe of you

Feels like before

And I missed you so

But you don't know

You won't know

Its truth

Until you're breathless


In the space of my eyes

Somehow, I feel

You fear me, too

And its as senseless

As the sixth circle

As wax wings

As bee stings

We've both had enough

Haven't we?

But if not this time

The next will do

Just know

I miss you

The details

Are irrelevant

To our eight, for

We design our own fates

We are patient

We can w8


When it rains inside my mind 

as it does sometimes

I think of you and the sun

shines its light inside me

and it's blinding

It's rewinding

And I see the eras passed

And I feel free at last

because I see infinity

And through it

I still want to be here

with you

as you are this time

and the next

and a thousand nexts...



So rarely seen 

The depths of trenches, chasms, abysses


But I saw you see

Clear into me

And I still can't believe

Must have been a lucid dream

Make-believe, an induced scene

(And I keep making excuses)

But, you let me see, too

Clear into you

You invited me

Opened the door freely

I fought not to enter


Paralyzed, hypnotized

By the depth of your eyes

Instantly blind-ed

By the light

You shined

At me

In me

Through me

And now I see

You left an open door for me

I didn't even need a key

But the space seems so empty

Like the rest in music

Building anticipation



Of the possibility

The near-reality

Taming entropy

Feels like eternity

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