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by ANA333


Space Supernova
Space Supernova

this day is as long as a lifetime itself

i can barely imagine its end

it feels so distant

i cannot wait for tomorrow's brings

and if i fail

at least i learned some things

this day is squeezing my heart

as lemon is wrung

with the honey of lost words

on the tip of my tongue


a long-winged bird

in my ear leaves

whispering notes

but i'd rather the screams

of passionate dreams

in lucidity

may morning light speed

its way to my pining eyes

and scratch my fervor

before i fractalize

i can see your heart

do you want me to pull its strings

and reel it into mine?

or fall into yours

if you prefer

they'll meld for a time

in a moment

so rare as the sun's magnetic flip

every eleven years

if it were squared

and not so scared to open wide

even a century would be

too brief a swing

since you are everything

to me

Earth and Space
Cosmic Sky

i didn't know it could be real

or that i could feel

like this

i didn't know how sound traveled

like light but different

or that their colors could be the same

i didn't know their names

but you

my speck of dust in a starry sky

are the reason why

my universe unfolded


between the visions

there are strings

that hold

ever so tightly

as freedom chains

their name is will

built upon fundamental love

as cerebral monuments

fibrous intentions

i should mention

how they organically grow

into exquisite tomorrows

and i hope

 we construct more and more

until we're old(er)

wiser still

and will is our best friend always

let me show you

all the things

i came to understand

let me grow you

until man becomes a god

greater than

and in exchange

save me from my own stupidity



ground me as i grow my wings

and i'll make you my everything

my full spectrum

my every breadcrumb

i want to be your

interstellar alien

i can't breathe

without the breath

you took from me

and i'm withering

without your touch

like a planet without trees

though i'm in your clutch

i can still float away

but i only want to stay

in the phantom zone

where it feels like home

and i belong

Planet and Moon
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