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something new



Where the hearth bursts into flames

And the space is warm

Wherever it goes


You’re deeply textured

And I wish to know 

Every crevice that you carved

In stone

Every ray of light you hold

Every time you felt alone

Every break of song and


Every time you hit the ground

I want to feel your every beat

Drumming on my heart

Every word you ever breathe

Whispering in my mind

Vice by ANA333 artist

I can’t untangle


My desire for the life

I wish to build with you

Is so intricately woven

Into deep space

That I think you feel

When I pull a thread


I fear it cuts you

As it slices through me 

With jagged teeth

Wrapped 'round my heart

Like a vice preventing

My breathing

And I hold that breath

Till it poisons me

For I can’t stand 

Your pain


I pay

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