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A Dust In Time [Identify: SOULMATE]

The power of a complete stranger is so magnitudinous it can ripple through the entirety of a life. One set of eyes that sees the right places inside you that you desperately needed to be seen is all it takes to transform the entirety of a forgotten realm. Only the souls who need each other meet eyes in the first place.

Of the souls one meets throughout their lifetime, only one appears to be that true soulmate people seek... "the one". The rest are relevant souls to the journey in various degrees; either you for them or them for you, or both. But, that special one feels so different from the rest. They have farther reach inside your soul. They touch places you didn’t know before. They have more gravity. They’re a moon that controls the tides within you and there’s no escape from that degree of pull. There is only surrender or drown.

I surrender to the moon

That pulls me high and low

Along the sandy ocean floor

I sculpt as I try to grasp

And hold the grains

The dust in my hands

But he slips through

Time and again

And the mind

Is a terrible thing to waste

Sorrow to taste

Make not haste

But good time

A contained fire

Eternity stable and sound

Cables bound in red

Truth found

Dust in my head

In my soul

In my every moment now

My heart pours

Like Niagara Falls

They have greater impact. The intensity is vastly more powerful than anything you’ve ever felt before. You can’t let go even if you try because there’s something so right it won’t let you ignore it even if it kills you. Like iron nitride magnets, soulmates are drawn to each other and permanently adhered. Denial is futile.

Some things in this world belong together.

Soulmates can feel each other from any distance. You can have similar connections with people who aren’t “the one” soulmate where feeling each other to a degree is a thing. Twins often experience this phenomenon and know when the other is hurt or in need. But soulmates share a greater intensity, though that’s relative. I still think there’s a better word out there to describe this coupling, but I don’t know it yet. If I were to throw a scientific dart at it, I would say quantum coupling applies here in some capacity. Change is imminent.

Soulmates don’t just want to be together. They need to be together. They’re missing something critical without each other. There's always an air of emptiness without the other. They fill certain spaces within each other as if completing a story. They function as if a zipper and a pinball game had a baby. They rely on each other for growth and stability. They can exist alone, but the coupling is exponentially more magnificent! They feel natural and at ease around each other… at peace, like a gentle ocean swell or body temp coffee… invisible because they’re finally visible. Like good health, but different.

They feel invincible together. And so they should because they are. What they accomplish paired is tremendously more significant than anything they do alone. They’re mutually symbiotic. Balanced. A perfect see-saw ride. A captured moment in time. Solutions. Creation. Magnification. Amplification. There’s truth between them of the universal nature. There’s proof inside. I found my dust in time.


Dustin, what in the universe are you waiting for? Some days it feels like I'm weightless in the sky and other days it's as if the sky has collapsed on my chest and I can't breathe. Perhaps we could regulate the extremities of the waves a little because you're killin' me here. You can't possibly still be uncertain. Which missing piece(s) do you need to see? Just f'n name it. I'm obviously too dumb to arrive there myself, lol. Also, quit misunderstanding things you over-thinker! :P

FT. Just do it.

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