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Art Comes In Waves | Synesthesia

Art comes in waves, and its frequency changes over time.

It tastes like a mouthful of seawater

Like on that day I was shivering as I floated there

On waves so high I could barely catch the shoreline

Art swoops in like a seagull aiming for my


It blows in like the wind that steals my towels

And I sometimes have to run to catch it

And I'm scared I'll miss it as it passes

And I'll be alone without my art, without my truth

No, not scared. Sad. Sad at the potential of a lost


And then I realize they're all lost







And so that's how I know which are

Important to hold, and hold, and hold

And that is how I keep my art in my heart


Falling in love with it more each day

So far for four decades or so

I didn't let go. I won't let go. It's all I want to know.

And that's exactly how I feel about you, too.

I haven't let go. I won't let go. You're all I want to know.

Love comes in waves. Art is love. Music is love. Dance is love.

And if Truth is love then We are love

And it must be true

And it tastes more like saltwater taffy

And has as many varieties

And is as great a thing as anyone could ever

Hope to discover in a lifetime.

Truest Love

So the beauty of art is that it comes in all forms and expresses itself in countless artistic languages and dialects. Through isomorphic correspondence, you can taste the taffy and the saltwater of the poem. You can probably feel the wind on your face, hear the seagull, and the crunch of Doritos. You may even be able to feel their texture and enjoy their flavor. I mean the Doritos, not the seagulls. You may feel funny feelings in your heart. How one perceives these things is contingent on the depth of their connection to their experiences.

Synesthesia is said to be a cross-wiring of the senses that allows people to see music and taste numbers, for example. From my experiential perspective, synesthesia can also be a developed skill. It's a heightening of the senses of sorts. I wasn't always able to see music. I wasn't always able to feel certain energies. These are developed skills that took decades of practice. It is my hypothesis that virtually anyone can develop these skills. Art is one way of getting there. Music is another. Dance is another. Love is actually also one, as is truth. So there, I just gave you five paths that you can take to acquire what I have. [I did a little research to see if others have been down this road and looky at what I found: ].

Listen, some road(s) could be a little scary and you probably have to develop a certain type of honest relationship with yourself to achieve the desired outcome. Others are a much easier trip. The more of these roads you travel simultaneously, the easier the journey becomes. Hard as fuck in the beginning, though, so it requires a little fight.. know what I mean? There are 80 different types of synesthesia. Some of you may already be synesthetic and not even realize it. I didn't know until I had an experience so unusual it took me a year to figure out its pieces and make sense of the whole thing from a scientific perspective. Sure did explain a whole lot about the rest of my life, lol. Philosophy is awesome but should entwine with other roads to be at its best. Same with art. Some things should be woven like a web.

I can still experience music traditionally. You don't lose one sense when you gain another, you just build it out (like the jawbreaker from last week). I choose which way to taste it. We are not limited to five senses. Our total experience extends beyond our physical bodies. There are endless aspects to the self. Those who have discovered this are not weird so much as they are explorers. Just wanted to acknowledge those who have worked so hard to arrive at his point of comprehension. Not an easy journey, but we could laugh about it in hindsight ;) It's really no different than the guy who stands on his porch watching a new driver try to parallel park in a tight spot. Funny when you're experienced, frustrating as fuck when you're not! That's life, peeps.

If you've had a synesthetic experience you'd like to share, drop a comment. I'm curious about how others experience the world. Never be afraid to be the first to do something. Your worst enemy is your self-doubt. Stop it! Now, leave a fucking comment ya gutless bastards! No pressure.

See you next weeeeek! Peace out!

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