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Dear Artists: | Balance

DEAR ARTISTS: There is an intricate balance in art that reflects the balance in the universe. First, let's define art. Art comes in different layers of different qualities, different purposes, different levels of thought and emotion. I cannot define art for you because I don't know the details of who you are. I can, however, define art as I see it from my current location and all those locations I have passed through. Artists often argue my points only from the basic and emotional level of self-expression, which is literally equivalent to a kindergarten level of art-making. If you never passed through education or physics, stfu because we're not on the same plane. We're not discussing the same thing. You're talking about an individual (usually yourself) while I'm talking about the whole of humanity. Those are not the same organism. If you continue arguing, you just look like a dumbass to me because of your refusal to accept that there are other (and often deeper) layers of a subject, that there are people who may know something you don't know. You're like overgrown children and it's irritating as fuck to be pooled with you. You're swimming in a puddle while I'm swimming in the deep blue sea at this point and I've just entered into the darkness where the only light I see is the phosphorescence of anglerfish and such. We are not the same and perspective, knowledge, experience, and depth are the distinctions. I drew you a picture to aid in your comprehension. We are distant from each other on our journies. I see where you are because when I turn around I can see the McDonald's I passed behind me. The future is uncertain because I haven't found anyone to follow which only means that I have no choice but to lead or get out of the way. I think if I get out of the way, it's a waste of life since I have paved a path others could follow to arrive here faster and more efficiently, and I could help them. If you carry on down the road of art long enough, inevitably, you will arrive at my current position. But instead of putting forth the effort to get here, you'd rather argue about shit you clearly know nothing of. I know this because when I turn around I see where you are and I know I've already been there and how much more you've left to go.


Now that our locations are relatively clear, we can move forward and I won't have to repeat this shit anymore because what can be more boring? Subscribe to the blog and learn something. Then bring on a sound argument. Thanks, in advance.

BALANCE: Much like life, art has a precarious balance. Look at the image above... Does it feel balanced? While it's true the right side has many more dots, and the dots are weighty implying the seesaw would tip on that side, when we consider the whole of the picture we can see that both sides have a red dot in an equal position. When looking at the red dots alone, the line is balanced because of the equality. However, equality and quantity are not the only factors in balance. What about the negative space, the empty space, or the dotless space as you may prefer to call it? We presume that emptiness is nothingness but that it an illogical misconception which I'm sad to see sprinkled all over the realm of science as well as art, and countless other places in our misguided world. Have you considered the possible mass of each object. Just because it's a one-inch marble doesn't mean one isn't aluminum while the other iron. Have you considered distance? Distance lends to leverage. Art has as much to do with physics as anything else. It's is not art that lacks value in society, but those who argue without logic and evidence.

Ignorant people with passion create far more damage than good. Hm-hm... Hitler. Need I say more? The only defense we have against these fuckers is sound logic, knowledge, and heart. For what it's worth, I think properly educating our young children is where true change can be implemented. Sadly, the public education system doesn't teach how to think, rather only what to think. That is precisely the root of the problem in the public school system. Society can never change if education doesn't change. Teach your children HOW to think, not what to think. Set your egos aside because it doesn't matter who wins or loses an argument so long as the valid point is made.

Whether art or life, balance is precarious and all elements need consideration to arrive at a valid conclusion. Putting anything else out into the world is self-serving jibberish. Open your fucking minds!

Still too heavy? I guess I'm just on that wave. If you don't agree with what I'm saying, is it because your ego is hurt, or because you have a valid point to disprove what I've said? If the latter, please comment your case because if I missed something, I would like to be made aware. Bring some logic to the table. Don't have any? Recognize your education system and then step up to fix it!

Listen, I really hate to habitually end on a heavy note (and twice begins to form a pattern) so I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite stoopid jokes, lol... Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9. LOL... this has made me chuckle since I first learned to speak English! :D I'm so cheezy like that, lol.

Tainted Love (been down that road)

AFTERTHOUGHT: I come from a place of emotion, as do you, but as we grow as humans, we evolve into a place of logic, as you can too. Emotion and logic work together to create a powerhouse! Be that. It's what the world needs.

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