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Lines of a Dancer-Physicist

It's a little strange how things stick around in the psyche and output in my art. As a teeneager, I partook in a professional Serbian folk-dance ensemble, Dukati (gold medallions). My favorite dance incorporated a flying circle choreography, of which I was part (I wish I had video!). Basically, it was a boy-girl order where we would entwine and spin until the girls lifted off, arching our lower backs and holding ourselves up with mad upper body strength. It felt like flying and I wished I could grow wings! It was somewhat reminiscent of Matisse's, The Dance, but a bit more layered.

Travelling throughout the US gave me a unique opportunity to expand my scope of the western world at a relatively young age. Since I was a Serbian resident during my formative years, I already had a good taste of European culture. Fast-forward to my college years where I studied abroad in China and I visited enough of the world to discover some interesting similarities and differences in lifestyle, language, art, music, and so forth. It is because of this that I grew to love and understand humanity as I do.