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Shaping the Universe, Relating to Tesla, and Makin' Waves

I used to think the width of a line was fine, like a hair, only to discover (what felt like centuries later) that the line may look thin, but inside it is another infinity. This pattern endlessly repeats, but as it is doing so it creates shapes, colors, and more lines. It creates the elements of art which break down further into the elements of life, consciousness, and the universe as we know it to exist. It is like the Mandelbrot Set. Kiiiinda like a Mandala.

I see it all so clearly now... How all the detailed elements come together to create the whole and the shapes of that process. This is that awkward moment where I chew my 20-something-self's bitter words and fold to the idea that I wish I could video what I see inside my mind to share with you. I couldn't begin to depict or describe the macrocosm of it all, but I can portray its elements. Yes, I see the danger in poking around people's minds, but also, I see the value for humanity on the flipside of that coin. (But, it is a reaaally dangerous path. Oh, but the evolution!!!)

art equation
Equation | Bojana

I think eccentric is the word you seek ;). I get why people like Tesla were construed as crazy in the end, but alas, methinks some of you have hasty judgment. The only difference between literally anyone and Tesla is distance. He just got there first and others couldn't handle the distance. That's the downside of #1 on the far end of the spectrum... You can see what's behind you but people can't see what's in front of them when it's too far ahead. There are countless historical Greats who suffered this fate... Too early can be as bad as too late.

And that's the thing... These types were too busy manifesting to concern themselves with certain aspects of life like nurturing relationships and matching socks so they miss some stuff. Some psychologists consider relentlessly working as an obsessive mental disorder, but I disagree. (WhoTF am I to disagree?!) I think the Teslas of the world value the whole more than its parts and, due to this perspective, it appears as if they don't value themselves but that is a misconception, imho. Working as hard as they do is a result of the value they see in themselves and their contribution to the world. Most don't look like Hawking, but that doesn't negate the fact that they're kinda helpless in some ways. That's why it's important that others learn to recognize these types in their youth, especially since they don't all look like stereotypical nerds. Imagine what they could accomplish if they were given a green light to ignore their version of irrelevant things and focus on their beloved work! Working with purpose can be deeply gratifying and worth sacrificing other aspects of life. People are free to choose how to spend their time without guilt. Guilty pleasure should simply be pleasure sans guilt. Not all people who work hard are workaholics struggling with addiction. It's not so much an addiction as it is a value.

Digital Art by Bojana Randall
Wave by Yours Truly | Projection

I say we all support a nerdling and help them get as far as they could go. Now, they're not aaaall worth their weight in gold. But, the ones who are can deliver the universe on a silver platter for the rest of humanity. If you can't find a nerdling, one will be appointed to you. Btw, the last type you want in power is someone brilliant with a dark heart so look for the heartglow first. You see what I'm doing here? I'm not telling you what to do so much as procrastinating getting back to my beloved work, lol. Later peeps!

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