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Yellows And Defining The Beast

Yellow is repeatedly voted the least favorite color in the world. Only 5% of people favor it. Of course, as an artist, I can't help asking myself why that would be. I love yellow! (Now, anyway.) Yellow is associated with happiness, enlightenment, and positive energy; however, it can also be sickly (ex. jaundice) and cowardly. Realistically, it all depends on the yellow and your interpretation as a result of who you are, wouldn't you agree?

I love the purer, brighter yellows, but I also love mustard... the color, not the food (bleh!). Personal preference. See the yucky yellow above? I love that color in the autumn. Yes, my color preferences can be seasonal. Yes, I know that's odd. I know quite a few people who chose blue as their favorite color and stuck to that like glue over the course of their lives. Incidentally, blue is the global favorite. I can appreciate that kind of fave color stability, but I definitely can't relate, lol. I have more color phases than Picasso by far!

Yellow on the sunnier side of the spectrum connotes positivity. Blue has its positive aspects, as do each of the other colors, but most have their negatives as well. Peculiarly, orange and violet bear no negative inference. Of the negative color connotations within the spectrum (depression, violence, anger, greed, jealousy, etc.) why is yellow's cowardice the worst of the lot? Perhaps it's the most unrelatable color? Is cowardice unrelatable? Not exactly. Look around. Either way, that's clearly not the same shade as sunny yell