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"With humanity at the core, PT20 offers what the world needs
to heal itself and what humanity needs
to flourish into the future."
- ANA333

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Study INSTAGRAM images for
more games and knowledge

The RAW collection
offers gameplay for musicians



Games for Artists, Musicians, Scientists, and other people too :)

ARTWORK explores consciousness and various aspects of theoretical and applied knowledge


EDUCATION teaches how to turn thought into action vs simply what to think; demonstrates various consciousness elevation concepts designed for a variety of skill levels. Teaches appreciation and empathy.


"if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."  -Einstein


GAMES inclusive for different kinds of people including art collectors, artists, scientists, musicians, and more. What you discover is meant for you to see.

For a detailed list:


Check out some of these games!




Study the images from the bottom up. The more you study each image, the more you'll learn. Be as detail-oriented as you wish. The harder you try, the faster you'll succeed. Like fine wine, aging is an integral part of the learning process. Allow time to work its magic. 



The RAW collection of raw vocals leaves empty space for artists to write music around the lyrics. By sharing all the various results around a central hub, we can all learn a great deal of things we need to know to make this world a better place through the path of fun!


The RAW videos... Observe and study the image. The more you do, the more you'll know. 

"How we think outweighs what we think." - ANA333


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