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ANA333 artist digital portrait

ARTWORK explores consciousness and various aspects of theoretical and applied physics

EDUCATION teaches how to apply thought to turn it into action vs simply what to think; demonstrates various quantum theories; designed for a variety of skill levels
(if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand t well enough.  -Einstein)

GAMES for collectors and fun people. What you discover is meant for you to see... we're just getting started so hang in there!

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Butterflies digital painting by ANA333 artist

To obtain a deeper understanding of the now, we must look to the past.

E=MC2 is hiding complexity beneath simplicity

Such is the nature of a simple word

Such is the nature of a smile or a tear or a fear

Of a thing

So symbols were born to represent

And thoughts were made to invent

We progress in simplicity

But we grow in complexity

PT20, is a sum of performing and visual arts, literary arts, and various sciences. In part, it utilizes an aesthetic platform for education through gameplay. How is paramount. There are brilliant people out there who are simply lacking application skills. That connective tissue is everything!

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