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for Musicians


The RAW Collection is published on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other music services. INDIGO and GOLD are comprised of eight song tracks each with no music. That part is for you!

Music is at the core of humanity and communication, transcending language barriers. I believe that we can use music to help us define the human factor... that very thing that separates man from animal and, more importantly, man from machine. Like any good scientist, I created a "control group" of songs that you, the "variables", can dance around. Any skill level is welcome to participate as I would love this to be an all-inclusive project. 

When you have completed your composition, share it to the corresponding YouTube video so everyone can see hear your work and so we can all learn from each other. 

By understanding the human factor, we can distinguish ourselves from Artificial Intelligence and better understand what it is that makes us uniquely human.

Outer Space

PT20.7 RAW
for everyone


YouTube PT20 Games

Analyze the image in the videos to:

  • Find Inconsistencies

  • Apply Fibonacci Spiral

  • Connect The Dots

  • Find The Pairs

  • Find The Symbols

  • Decipher Meanings

  • Count The Similarities

  • Define "Big Pictures” - physical and conceptual

  • Define Details 

  • Define Patterns

  • Overlay Patterns And Create New

  • Draw Circles

  • Draw Triangles

  • Draw Squares

  • Absorb Color

  • Note The Feel

  • Draw Lines

  • Find 1-12

  • E=MC2 Define Multiple Applications

  • Consider Angles And Directions

  • Perspective Analysis

  • Truths And Lies

  • Dimensionality 

  • Right And Wrong

  • Alternative Mathematical Concepts

  • Build Art

  • Build Science

  • Build Music

  • Architecture

  • Connect The Dots

  • Find The Values

  • Locate Waves

  • Define Theories

  • Note Changes

  • Alignment: Time & Place

  • Dissect Symbolism +

These games teach idea generation, applied knowledge, character building, and so much more. Various games are geared for various skill levels. The one that resonates with you is your skill level. It'll just feeeel right :)

Share thoughts and ask questions with the community. Knowledge is meant to be shared.

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