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alien skull silhouette

122cm x 122cm x 3cm

acrylics & LEDs

suspended diptych


Although I haven't had the opportunity to design someone's entire home as a cohesive work of art, I'm just putting it on the table as one of those things I'd love to do given the opportunity. I'm confident I could rock that process in so many different styles! I'm flexible like that. It would be like living inside a 3-D artwork. I warn you, the level of commitment is extensive. You better really resonate with the inspiring artwork, chosen style, and with me.  This is akin to finding a soulmate... rare af! I'm simply putting the possibility out there :) This can work at varying levels of depth and you choose your comfort zone.  But if you ask me, I'd suggest you step just outside of that. It's so beautiful there!

Live in the Art you Love


Dissected Prism

light projection