The Wait
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We lie here huddled in the silence

The warmth of your breath upon my face

The strength of your kiss behind your lips

Behind your tongue


And these tiny truths that you confess

Are riddled by my nothingness

Frozen in my hourglass

Waiting... for the time...

To pass



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With each freedom you give away

Behind the guise of woe-is-me

Victims win and victims breed

Victims take what we all need


Although intent paves the road

(And we’re aware of where it goes)

We carry on whilst we all know

Seeds of victim should not be sown


We think we’re kind by giving in

Helping helpless rise and win

But we’re entering a tailspin

Folding to the violin


And we’ll lose all our freedoms


The ones who rise on their own 

Are ones we all should know

We should choose to follow 

They’ll keep the rest in tow


But if victims come to rise

Who will pay the price?

Think they’ll take you to the skies?

Imagine all the lies!


Let’s hope we’re not all dumbs.

'Merica |(2012-16) | acrlyic, wire, wood, canvas

Merica (2012-16) | acrylic, wire, wood, canvas | mixed media painting by artist, Bojana Randall | American flag art, we the people art

Inspirations & Influences: Jasper Johns + American Flag +

love + surgery + unity + FREEDOM + We, the People +  history + space +  possibility

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Winged things 

One moment here

                          One moment there

Traveling Time


A magickal glimpse into realms unseen

This is how faith grows wings

The Butterfly Effect (2015) | PLA, Acrylic, Canvas