“TimeWindows: Perspective Nouveau”


The Pendulums series explores various aspects of spacetime through fragmented parts and perspectives, thus far entitled Part One, Part Deux, and Part Tri.  The series is broken up into segments of various color stories with similar connective threads throughout such as an ethereal gold representative of the sun and red edges indicative of portals which can only be seen from an angled perspective emphasizing multiple planes of existence.

"Time", the only sculpture in the exhibit from years passed, demonstrates (in part) the longevity of the themes of time, time travel, and multiplanar existence.  Bojana's first artwork pertaining to time was a mixed media acrylic painting which included a collage of photographs representing portals. (Untitled, 1990).  This strand of her artistic web is only one of many series that supports the fundamental theme of time within her body of work.

Pendulums: Part Deux exhibited at M Galleries in April 2020
Th Menagerie Effect (2019) | Pendulums: Part Deux series | wall sculpture, painting
Pendulums: Part One exhibited at M Galleries in April 2020
Time (2004) | Australian Cypress, mirrors | sculpture by artist, Bojana Randall

Time | 2004 | Australian Cypress, mirror

The Menagerie Effect | Pendulums: Part Deux | 2019

Pendulums: Part One | 2019

Pendulums: Part Deux | 2019

Overlap | Pendulums: Part Tri series | sculptor, Bojana Randall

Overlap | Pendulums: Part Tri | 2020

Timeline | poem and digital art by Bojana Randall, interdisciplinary artist

Solo Exhibition | M Galleries | April 1- April 30, 2020


How the Pendulums series creates invisible planar webs of connection...

The extended planar

lines weave a web.

Timeline | original poem | 2020

Ribbon | Pendulums: Part One | wall sculpture/ painting by artist, Bojana Randall

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Ribbon | Pendulums: Part One | 2019