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ANA333 artist


I'm a multidimensional artist primarily working with consciousness through a broad scope of mediums including dance, graphic design, storytelling, and music. But I also do many other valuable things!

My Story

The arts and I have a long and complicated relationship. We've been madly in love for as long as I can remember and are still falling deeper. In middle school, I had an intuitive teacher who wrote this quote in my yearbook... "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." I learned to do all of the above as I think it's critical to have all those skills and to know when to apply them. I've come as far as I could go alone. My vision is too big to execute by myself and the time has come to seek a solid team to help me carry out my global vision. I've been repeatedly told my standards and expectations are too high. I think they're only too high for the wrong people. I hope the right ones could find me because I've had a helluva time locating them, lol. Eight billion people. I know they're out there somewhere! Ultimately, benefiting humanity continues to be at the core of my purpose. I love to watch it grow and its expansion into space is among my favorite things!

I've acquired a broad spectrum of unusual skills and incorporated them into my work. Project Tapestry (#pt20) is merely a segment of the larger picture. PT20 is a video series demonstrating certain patterns that I think can help people learn how to apply their knowledge. Many people have complained to me about not knowing what to do with all the information they've acquired so I thought it was an important umbrella problem to solve. The world is full of capable people who are missing minor pieces that prevent them from attaining their goals. I'd love to help them because it helps the whole succeed. It's all just a matter of time before everything comes together. Patience is a virtue, they say.

How I Can Help Society


Einstein said "become a man of value" so here's what I can offer... 



Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Counselors, FBI, Educators | Ligaments for adults & children

I can help connect some missing pieces for psychologically oriented professionals dealing with any age group whilst adding merit to their respective fields of study in the scientific and medical communities. Something in the way of a conference or an open-conversation symposium would be the most effective system to plug the holes for a broad spectrum of professionals in the field.

I have a substantial amount of information to contribute regarding child psychology, as well, so that can actually be a specific event in itself since children are complicated beasts, lol. Guidance counselors, school therapists, teachers, and parents could benefit from my perspectives. 

I can consult with the FBI on cases where they seem to be "missing" the connection. Some things are time-sensitive so we could use all the help we could get, right?!



I can deliver lectures regarding the significance of the arts in the world and how they can lead to roads of tremendous value for society beyond the norm. I've been told I'm inspirational enough times to believe it, lol.

For demonstration, observe the totality of PT20 in posting order as it offers a plethora of information in this realm. You must have an open mind! Don't shut down when you don't see what you expect. Take off your expectations at the door as you'd take off your shoes. Observe with an unexpecting mind. Allow yourself to be surprised, to see things as they are, to find things that appear to have meaning... They just might :) Seek value. Seek truth. Seek love.

There are many more things I'll demonstrate along the rest of my way, but they're gonna take a little more time considering their scale. Just keep an open eye and an open mind.



Whether it's TV/series/movies or live music concerts or theater, I have something magnificent to contribute to your world at an unexpected scale. How big would you like to go? We can build some massive things together! In fact, we can create global unification on some levels. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like an absurd idea, but those are the ones that change the world!


I can write lyrics in any genre of music so if any artists want to collaborate, I'm game :) "Any" is too broad a term. I'm selective as hell in this department. I don't want to work with just anybody. I want quality people with a good message and mindful purpose.



If you're working on some futuristic fun, I can consult on those projects and we could really rock this world on that front! If you're a large-scale thinker, reach out to me. Large-scale architecture, engineering, design, purpose... Significant proportions only, please. 



I haven't explored this realm enough to understand how far my reach spans and into which worlds... Financial? Civic? But I've been so skilled in projecting other things that I think I could bridge some gaps to provide what you need and help you jump ahead in some areas. I excel at pattern recognition. If I can't, you won't have to pay me, but I'm willing to try some new things. Open minds get everywhere!



Talk shows and podcasts where the topics are psychology, the arts, sciences including quantum mechanics, education, theory, architecture/engineering, civic and governmental, and other topics of social or humanitarian proportions that would reach a significant audience. 



You're motivated and excited. You have the means. You're ready to pursue some big things that can change the world, but you can't find a direction you're passionate about. I can help you here. 



Futuristic aesthetic? Meee, too! I could revamp your modern home and bring it up to techy speed. The whole thing could be a work of art! Or just a room... whatever your comfort level :) Love minimalist art? I have some exquisite ideas for you! Everything is customized to your unique space and appreciation. Need a positive change in your environment? 

Open-minded interior designer and you want to collaborate? Sure! Reach out and we can talk about it :)



I've been told I don't think like the rest. Sometimes we need outside-the-box thinking to get from point A to point B. I got your back :)




Paintings | Sculptures | Digital Art | Public Art

Corporate & Personal Art Collections



Please pass me along to the people and places where you think I could contribute something beneficial.  Everyone knows someone and I have a lot to offer to society and humanity.  Spread the word and let's make this world a better place!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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