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Ebb & Flow

Life has an interesting current; rather series of currents. It's almost like feeling the ocean flow beneath me as that perfectly pitched wave takes me on the most gentle, but distant, journey. It's exhilarating but not jolting. It's my favorite feel in life. I love catching those monumentous places where I can see how something arrived where it is, see its growth and evolution, its metamorphosis... its wave. What a stunning distance this is!

You know how sometimes people ebb and flow throughout your life? Art is like that. Love is like that. Pretty much anything and everything has that kind of wave. Your location on the wave matters. If you're on the flow part of the wave, you might be reconnecting with lost friends, or your fridge is full, ideas are aplenty, life-force aglow, and life is golden. Conversely, we suffer on the ebb. The only thing one could do is ride the wave(s). Chin up, the flow cometh again ;)