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Layers of Success: A Brief Philosophy

Let's talk about success. Success is personal. Who can define your own success better than you? What one defines as successful is a joke to another, but godly to another. If the layers of success were visually like a Jawbreaker, that huge candy that comes out of one of those gumball machines at the diner, then each stripe would be a layer of success, for example.

Let's start from the inside out. At the center is your one little accomplishment... birth. From that point forward, you grow outward as each candy ring. Each new ring is a bigger layer of success. Basically, you tunnel through and go as far as you wish to grow. Now, let's say everyone is at the center. If they also carve their own tunnels through the sphere, then people are only in each other's way at the beginning.

Then look what happens... They burst like the big bang and the end of each one is the beginning of many others. Just as the space begins to get too crowded, the seeds drift off into the wind as we will drift off into space and spread like seeds ourselves.

That is, if we're not too stoopid and kill ourselves first. :D

Have a wonderful week! See you next Monday! Yonde kurete arigato!

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