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NOTE: Expressive language often in use.


Three Stages of Art: From Crayon to Quantum Physics

Art is a multilevel zone. It is a possibility; a path to anywhere you want to go. Like any other career choice, art can take you all the way to quantum physics if you desire to go that far.

digital art by Bojana Randall
Art 1, 2, 3

Stage One: SELF: The first stage of art is primitive in nature. It's a place of basic self-expression. It's raw, unadulterated, and as true as can be if you don't hold back. Almost everyone can make art at this stage; children of all ages! Of all the stages, it appears to last the longest, similar to any Point A to B leaps. It's a tough hurdle to make to step out of the self and into a larger frame of mind. Btw, this is also the most therapeutic space and a fundamental aspect of art therapy.

Side rant: Personally, I see the quackery that can ensue here. Like psychologists trying to interpret another person's dreams, art therapists try to interpret art. The intention here is good, but they're generally going about it the wrong way. They should be asking more questions rather than defining the personal symbolism for you. Only you can do that, but some of them can help guide you there. Thing is, the subconscious mind is in constant contact with the conscious mind. We're just rarely paying attention long enough to decipher our own languages. This is where mindfulness is a priceless skill. Before I trail off too far...

Earth, sculpture by Bojana Randall
Earth | concrete, gold, LEDs, acrylic, mirror | 2020

Stage Two: HUMANITY: The second stage is more scholastically and socially oriented. This is the place where people can learn about and teach the technical aspects of art. Academics, such as art historians, pursue the depths of this space. Most people stop and stay somewhere on this stage. Instructors, professors, or whoever is stuck on the technicalities of art commonly make this stage their permanent home.

Stage Three: UNIVERSE: The third stage is mostly an out-of-body-experience of sorts. If you continue to pursue art, its meaning, and purpose, inevitably, you'll arrive at physics and then quantum physics. This is the zone where art is no longer for the expression of an individual, rather the whole of everything we know. At this stage, the artist becomes a tool for the universe to express itself. I came across the Mandelbrot Set, not through learning physics but as a result of following my artistic path. The only reason I know of the set is that I was discussing a theory with my peers and they brought it up as an example of what I was saying. When I researched it, I came to discover that others have been here before but expressed it in different languages, like physics and math.

Upon further deliberation, I concluded that quantum physics is a location that can be reached through various pathways including visual art, music, and dance. It's simply a matter of how far you want to travel down your chosen road(s). There is no rule that states you must only choose one. Just sayin'.

"Point B" - sometimes the so-called negative space is more positive than one can imagine!

There's nothing wrong with any of these stages. I found that they all had their relevant and magickal aspects which are necessary pieces of our lives and the functioning organism of humanity. I love each of these zones! Each is purposeful. Although, if I'm being completely realistic, some of the elements can use a little tweaking (no offense to the realm of psychology/therapy). I'd take you guys more seriously if you would take the time to learn the difference between subconscious and unconscious minds before flaunting your PhDs, PsyDs, and expertise. These terms are not synonymous. Unconcious is if I knocked you out with a baseball bat, and I'm certain that's not what you(se) meant to say on national television 65, 000 times already! Way to represent. Check yo'selves!

In summation, step 1, 2, 3 and you arrive at quantum physics through art (my latest painting is about quantum coupling). I've been here for about a decade but didn't really have it in me to officially begin an entirely new phase until I completed the first. Had to be done. Responsibility is both a nuisance and a burden but it, too, serves a worthwhile purpose.

Peace out, peeps!

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