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Three Stages of Art: From Crayon to Quantum Physics

Art is a multilevel zone. It is a possibility; a path to anywhere you want to go. Like any other career choice, art can take you all the way to quantum physics if you desire to go that far.

digital art by Bojana Randall
Art 1, 2, 3

Stage One: SELF: The first stage of art is primitive in nature. It's a place of basic self-expression. It's raw, unadulterated, and as true as can be if you don't hold back. Almost everyone can make art at this stage; children of all ages! Of all the stages, it appears to last the longest, similar to any Point A to B leaps. It's a tough hurdle to make to step out of the self and into a larger frame of mind. Btw, this is also the most therapeutic space and a fundamental aspect of art therapy.

Side rant: Personally, I see the quackery that can ensue here. Like psychologists trying to interpret another person's dreams, art therapists try to interpret art. The intention here is good, but they're generally going about it the wrong way. They should be asking more questions rather than defining the personal symbolism for you. Only you can do that, but some of them can help guide you there. Thing is, the subconscious mind is in constant contact with the conscious mind. We're just rarely paying attention l