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Why I Love The F*** Out Of Art!!!

Art gave me gifts only death could take away, and even that's questionable. I wish I could define art for you in one prismatic word, but it's an enigma like magick once was; like love still appears to be. Art and I go way back to early childhood when I was SOOOOO boooored with life I didn't know what to do with myself. My creativity is, in part, attributed to my childhood ennui.

When I needed to express things that I couldn't find the words to say, art helped me say them. When I didn't speak English, art helped me communicate with my friends until I learned to speak their language(s). Funny enough, first they knew mine. This was a paramount time period because this is when I learned to communicate through art, and why later art became such a strong language for me. This process started at a young age and grew with me all those years. There's something special that can be discovered in the longevity of relationships. It's as difficult to define as art itself, lol!

There's an immense beauty in the crypticism of art that makes me feel connected to ancient civilizations and their symbolism. Their ciphers could be distinguished, in part, through understanding art's processes. Art simultaneously protects me and frees me... it's hard and soft, fast and slow, heavy and light... There's a fluidity that it possesses which allows it to be one or the other or both at once. Art is like water. There's a kind of magic in its dualities that's both concrete and ethereal. It can be, and is, many things at once, and like water, art takes the shape of its container. I love its play with balance! I think Calder would agree with me.

Art can be demanding. It entails the need for, sometimes too much, hard work. However, in return, it gives insurmountable knowledge and experience so it's certainly a price worth paying, imho! Art is a life-mirror and I adore its reflection. It happens to be my preferred language because I really dig its speed! It's like driving a Bugatti Veyron. Not that I know what it's actually like to drive one (although I'd fucking love to!), but in my mind it's comparable.