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A Series Of Random Questions | Universal Threads | Consciousness

If one does not persist after rejection, how strong is one's conviction?

If love is true, then doesn't that truth demand pursuit?

Is it best to treat truth as a constant or a variable?

Is truth best exposed or concealed?

When is the right time if not now?

What happens to yesterday if one stops thinking about it?

Someone once asked, what happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?

Does consciousness persist after death?

Is consciousness a universal truth?

What's love got to do, got to do with it?

So many aspects of universal functionality are still in question. At best, we have theories. But in the world of consciousness, so much remains unsolved. I think that inner space is as vast as outer space; a mirror of sorts. However, I also think they aren't independent of each other but rather make the shape of infinity, a sideways eight. I perceive the body as the meeting point of the two as it can experience both inside and outside itself and connect the spaces; kinda like a black/white hole if you will.

However, in actuality, this isn't really an 8 so much as a twisted circle. At one point, there's a black hole that absorbs everything, and at another point a white hole releasing everything. A part of you can be absorbing while another part is releasing. Input/output. Circuits. Perhaps this is the relationship between the heart and mind? And on that note, what's love got to do with it? I feel like love is something that runs parallel to consciousness. A rock at Level 0 consciousness isn't going to experience love like a human at Level III consciousness (Michio Kaku, The Future of the Mind). However, there is a much greater breakdown here. Yes, we're all human. But, no, we aren't all at the same level of consciousness.

While on most levels we've deemed there isn't a "right" place to be as we develop at variant speeds, we have concluded that there are indeed "wrong" places. It is wrong to kill, steal, cheat, etc. But notice how some people need to be told while others do not. People with elevated consciousness don't need instruction here because their level of awareness exposes them to this understanding from the get-go. This is somehow independent of education. I've known some minimally educated people with high consciousness and some extraordinarily educated rocks. I have a hypothesis about why, but I'm gonna save that for a later date... perhaps as discussion at the Elevation exhibit.

How does this relate to art? Art is a process of passion as well as thought. My art is not only about inner space, but how that relates to outer space. It's not only about myself but about you, too. Art is my method of communicating what I have discovered through other avenues, much like a physicist uses math to convey their findings. Like math, art is a universal truth and equally valid.

Just some food for thought. See you next week! Gus an ath thuras!

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