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Art Levels, Pythagorean Theorum, And Discrimination

After traveling the many strands of tutilage, one can find themselves converging the self with others to explore the functionality of systems. Depending on the nature of the selected strand(s), art can lead to quantum physics. It's hard to believe this is true based on the minute information we actually have about art. Few seem to realize the distance of artistic road(s), but even fewer comprehend their logic. Those who traveled the farthest and deepest roads don't often know how to explain the details of their journeys. Ultimately, this equates to fluke accidents throughout history. It's not a teachable system. It only serves the self.




Science and Cognizance

On each level, there is much to be learned. Art with cathartic purpose can help one understand deeper layers of the inner self. As a result, one can also learn to understand the multitudinous layers of others. Art's purpose can change over time. When you step far enough outside the