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Behind The Scenes: Wanderers | Inspiration | Dissection

Today, I wanna talk a little about the series, Interspersions (particularly one work) because it's not a series that most people seem to understand but I think they could and should. Art is not just for the elite. Art is for everyone! Perhaps if I offer a lead into it, you'll see my perspective?

I wrote a song called Wanderers, then I made this artwork. The process doesn't always happen in that order. Sometimes I write a poem that inspires the art, and other times I make the art that inspires a song. In other words, I created a closed circuit of inspiration within my own creative world. People often ask how artists get their inspiration. It's an evolving process and I imagine it's different for everybody.

Interspersions wall mural

Although, it isn't inspiration that's difficult to find, rather what to do with it. It's not that life isn't chockfull of inspiring elements, but how and where to place them on a blank canvas is sometimes like WTF!? How do I do this? Where do I put this? That's partly due to the overwhelming amounts of information that look like weeks of unseparated dirty laundry inside the noggin. First, you have to separate your laundry and understand that you shouldn't put every single article (i.e.thought) into your artwork