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Between Kandinsky and Me

Someone once said you don't really understand a topic if you're unable to talk about it. For the most part, that proves true. However, what happens if you can "talk" about it, but it's in a language others don't understand? Doesn't that count? On the rare occasion I discover someone with whom I can converse in my own language, I'm over the moon!

I would have loved to have a visual conversation with Wassily Kandinsky! Brushes in hand, canvases ready, set... go! I imagine it to be akin to a convo with Michio Kaku, but with visual expression. Too bad I don't speak the language of physics and Dr. Kaku probably doesn't speak much art. That convo has potential, too, lol!

In Intersecting Lines, 1923, I can see a lot of what I've thou