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Welcome to the first Multidimensional post! Yeah, yeah... Stinkin' Thinkin' had its day. We all outgrow things. Albeit, some of us faster than others. Moving on... Distinctions... A topic not often addressed and missing from society!

People are on a kick about narcissists lately, and they're coming down hard! But, did you know there are eight different types of narcissists? Before judging, understand. And how about truth... did you know there are four different kinds of truth, depending on context? Eight different kinds of love? There are roughly 25 branches of science; 15 types of chefs; 75+ painting styles... You get the point. Distinctions are necessary because they help people arrive at mutual understanding.

Rule of thumb:

If you don't see the distinctions in it, you don't know enough about it.

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We have so much conflict in relationships, and society as a whole, due to our misunderstandings. I was having dinner with a friend the other night. He and I were essentially saying the same thing, except he didn't even see that! I had to explain my multiple perspectives for him to arrive at that understanding. Just because people aren't expressing something in the same way, doesn't mean they aren't talking about the same thing. Sometimes we paint differences where there aren't any. Sometimes we paint similarities where there aren't any. Communication boils down to perspective and willingness to understand. It's essential for healthy relationships and a healthy society as a whole. Distinctions play a significant role in communication.

Recognizing distinctions can help you gauge how much you know about a subject. If things "all look the same" to you, then you don't know nearly as much as you might think. If you're easily offended by things, you are likely unable to make distinctions between them, you lack tolerance and understanding, and you lack intellect. Also, you're likely unbalanced in the sense that your emotions outweigh your thoughts. Distinction recognition is your indicator light... like your car's "check oil" light, but different. So, check yourself.

PROBLEM: If you don't see the distinctions in it, you don't know enough about it. SOLUTION: Learn more about the subject. Gain more exposure to the subject through life experience, reading, conversations, etc.. Make the world a better place by making yourself a better person.

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