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Histories And Batteries: Are You Gonna Cry About It? | 1-2-3 | The Bottle

Bear with me. This one is a doozy! They say hindsight is 20/20 and they're not wrong. Looking back brings all sorts of clarity. In the day-to-day, many things go unacknowledged and unfiltered. We consume them without ever paying a bit of conscious attention to what we've just absorbed into ourselves. So much of who we are is kinda an arbitrary accident. Obviously, this doesn't have to be so. We can live in more mindful ways and control our absorptions.

It all boils down to choice, again. In stepping on the mindful road, the beginning can be tedious. Every action needs to become a conscious choice. Every thought must be made with purpose revolving around the goal you are building, the self you are building. Before you could build it all up, it must be torn down. So look at you, all broken up. What an opportunity for reconstruction! In order to know what to tear down, first separate. Figure out what to keep and what to change, the same way you might go through your closet. Then chose a destination. When they say keep your eye on the ball, that's applicable here. Don't lose sight of where you aim to go.

When you could handle the beginning and the end, the in-betweens work out with relatively minimal effort (if you don't get in your own way) so, the need for stress is actually self-defeating and purposeless... for the most part. There are different kinds of stress and we mustn't forget that. Like most things, stress has a positive end on the opposite side of the negative end, like a battery but different. Stay on the positive end and all will be well. The middle is a precarious balance and a dangerous place since the scales could tip at any time and you could roll right over onto the wrong end.