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Lattice, A Theory Supported by Music | Education | Stripes

It's a rainy day in Jersey and I forbade myself from making art this week so I made some music instead, and in some ways, dance. I've been thinking a lot about how the universe works and the shapes, patterns, and colors of things that inevitably reflect in my output. It began with pondering flux, ripples, direction, divergence, and convergence and ultimately landed me at the lattice shape once again. Life works in this pattern in so many ways! Things begin in a small, unidimensional space, diverge into a pod shape (like peas but different) and converge once again. This lattice pattern is infinitely repeated multidimensionally thereby creating layers upon infinite layers of fabric, each thread a path elsewhere, each moment a choice.

I'll demonstrate this in Elevate, an upcoming installation at #mgalleries. I find that a visual demonstration combined with auditory, olfactory, and tactile information is the most efficient way of teaching and of learning pretty much anything. The multisensory factor is like. a pod and converges into a unified experience resulting in a more memorable outcome. Aside from. the demonstrative aspect of the exhibition, the show shares various perspectives and patterns of life after death. April 2021.

I was actually going to post this piano clip on fb but I'm pissed that I got censored because people are emotionally inept and can't handle a couple of loose words so I'm distracting myself here. Anyway, fuck 'em. Can't win 'em all. What, did you think I was always pink? No, no my friends... I'm stripedy :)

abstract digital art
First 45 | digital art by Bojana Randall

It's actually more complicated than it looks, but from a certain distance, some details become negligible, don't they?

Stay healthy!

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