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Nothing to See Here... (Just a 30 Year Art Project)

After 30 years, I'm going to explain to you what I've created. Here goes... At the beginning of my project, I made a pact with myself to never waiver off my chosen artistic path, to always stay true to the art no matter what, to never sell out, and to see it through. And I did that. I did all of that. I held true to my promise and made my artweb piece by piece until it was finished. I was 14 years old when I started. This body of art contains layers upon layers of as many of life's aspects as I found to be important for humanity to keep. Admit it, we really need to reorganize our closets! It depicts a detailed map of how to be a good human. It is comprised of various data pertaining to cognitive sciences, art histories, world histories and mythologies, languages, sciences, geometry, physics and quantum physics, philosophies, religions, and so forth.

Some artworks bear multiple perspectives and talk about the human as an individual, as well as humanity as a whole. They include our emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual states of being. Although they are elementally autobiographical, they incorporate the perspectives of others as well. Their physical appearance seems disjointed when viewed in small groups (community), but opens an entirely new conversation as a total body of work since it speaks of humanity, community, and the individual from all points of reference. It even speaks of social structure and politics. There is so much substance here! I would call it too much, but as I said, I was collecting as many relevant pieces as possible and jam-packing the art with information to create teaching opportunities. I strongly believe education is at the root of our global problems. We really need to rethink that realm, so I have.

There is plenty of science to back up what I'm saying regarding visual images and learning. (Feel free to research at your leisure.) Since my time on earth is limited and I value my seconds, I tried to be as efficient as possible. I didn't throw everything and the kitchen sink into this (even though it may appear that way at first glance.). I carefully edited, deliberately selected, endlessly thought about, and lovingly created each artwork. I provided enough detailed information that A.I. could (theoretically) complete the remainder of the work without me. Since I have hundreds upon hundreds of unmanifested sketches that could be used as a cross-check to see if A.I. called it right, this would make for an interesting experiment. Just sayin'. Bored billionaire? I could give you a laundry list of philanthropic stuff to do!

This collection (which I refer to as Phase I, 1990-2020) incorporates biological elements like arachnids, various geological specimens like rubies and sand, and a lengthy array of materials including gold, paper, textiles, wood, steel, glass, light, yarn, and concrete. It's vast symbolism and rich secrets (some of which you may never know) are woven into the tapestry of time. The paintings and sculptures act as time capsules of sorts and reference pop culture like Minecraft. Some of the art is actually constructed in Minecraft and has a digital expression. You should see what I could do with the world! My work speaks of the human spirit, our wins and our losses, our dualities, and our balance as individuals as well as a comprehensive organism. I've collected the best (and sometimes worst) pieces of us that I could find, amalgamated them into a concise collection, erected them on as unbiased a foundation of truth as I possibly could, and packaged them up in a cute little box (relatively speaking) all whilst being socially responsible and mindful of the potential impacts of my work.

Phase I: Complete.

Now what? Well, Phase II, of course! In this phase... no, wait... too soon. If you pay attention, you'll see it step by step. I'll show you the waves. I'll demonstrate the shapes of the universe. The tapestry's patterns will become clearer and, with any luck, I'll help you understand the complexity of it all in a simpler way. I want you to understand it so I'll continue to make it as relatable as possible. Let's start here:

spectral hearts
Jewels | plaster, LEDs | 2020 | Bojana Randall

They're different but the same. Different but beautiful. Vulnerable. Brilliant. They're lovely alone and lovely together just the same. They're infinite (8). They have various expressions of waves demonstrating the functionality of other aspects of the universe. They're perfectly imperfect. They are at the core of our humanity. Their expressions are different but all necessary. They're both distant and connected, independent but communal. They are true, even in their falsity. And they are all precious. Prove to me that society doesn't need a more comprehensive understanding of the heart (on so many levels) and I'll stop making hearts. If I didn't think we needed this, I wouldn't waste my time.

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