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Talkin' Sh** About Science, God(s), and Diamonds

Language is a funny thing. There are so many different kinds! Beyond the thousands of spoken languages, there are countless variations of the arts, body languages, and many more rarely thought about and elusive types, like energy, lending to mysterious phenomena. Yeah, most people think the unseen spaces of the universe are a bunch of crap (and on some levels, they're right), but people with limitless minds dare to explore the preposterous. Nikola Tesla toyed with energy. Bunches of others throughout history did it, too. That's how progress is made... by exploring the unknown. So should it be so easily dismissed or are we screwing up with how we educate?

My perspective is this: a. Just because you can't see it with your own eyes doesn't render it invalid. b. I whole-heartedly (and whole-headedly) believe in science to my core. However, I've also concluded that science is a language and sometimes it, too, falls short as we don't know all of its words. Knowing that so many expressions of life exist, and having explored a shit-ton, leads me to believe there are other means of explaining seemingly inexplicable truths in conjunction with science. It is absolutely close-minded to dismiss the absurd when so much of the field remains theoretical. Hypocrisy at its finest if you ask me. Ultimately, my issue isn't with science so much as some people calling themselves scientists. I actually read a physics forum where someone claiming to be a scientist said observation was irrelevant. Uh, wtf? Tell that to NASA, dipshit! If I could, I would revoke his degree.

Like I mentioned last week, art, music, and math validate each other. Why does science think it's special in that it requires no validation from additional, albeit unconventional, sources beyond maths? Triangulation, anyone? We're still trying to figure out why physics and quantum physics demonstrate a vast disconnect in their rules of functionality. Imho, the only disconnect is that of intolerance. I don't just think, I know there's an explicable connection between them, but the lack of comprehensive perspective within the scientific community is inhibiting, don't you think?