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Talkin' Sh** About Science, God(s), and Diamonds

Language is a funny thing. There are so many different kinds! Beyond the thousands of spoken languages, there are countless variations of the arts, body languages, and many more rarely thought about and elusive types, like energy, lending to mysterious phenomena. Yeah, most people think the unseen spaces of the universe are a bunch of crap (and on some levels, they're right), but people with limitless minds dare to explore the preposterous. Nikola Tesla toyed with energy. Bunches of others throughout history did it, too. That's how progress is made... by exploring the unknown. So should it be so easily dismissed or are we screwing up with how we educate?

My perspective is this: a. Just because you can't see it with your own eyes doesn't render it invalid. b. I whole-heartedly (and whole-headedly) believe in science to my core. However, I've also concluded that science is a language and sometimes it, too, falls short as we don't know all of its words. Knowing that so many expressions of life exist, and having explored a shit-ton, leads me to believe there are other means of explaining seemingly inexplicable truths in conjunction with science. It is absolutely close-minded to dismiss the absurd when so much of the field remains theoretical. Hypocrisy at its finest if you ask me. Ultimately, my issue isn't with science so much as some people calling themselves scientists. I actually read a physics forum where someone claiming to be a scientist said observation was irrelevant. Uh, wtf? Tell that to NASA, dipshit! If I could, I would revoke his degree.

Like I mentioned last week, art, music, and math validate each other. Why does science think it's special in that it requires no validation from additional, albeit unconventional, sources beyond maths? Triangulation, anyone? We're still trying to figure out why physics and quantum physics demonstrate a vast disconnect in their rules of functionality. Imho, the only disconnect is that of intolerance. I don't just think, I know there's an explicable connection between them, but the lack of comprehensive perspective within the scientific community is inhibiting, don't you think?

There is so much enigmatic space within the arts as a tremendous part of this world is still unexplored, unconnected. It is unfathomable to me that so many choose to ignore that. Not just ignore, but actually ridicule! Sorry (not sorry), but the only dumbasses I see are the ones dismissing ideas without an iota of knowledge or comprehension of certain topics. Esoteric groups with a finite monocle of an infinite universe! This is why jack-of-all-trades rocks ;) Those who taught you otherwise were single-minded fools. No worries, never too late to overcome that obstacle.

People typically observe on a surface level. Of course, we do... it's in our freakin' faces all the time! The Walking Dead among eons-worth of TV shows on a bazillion stations we can't even name anymore, Teslas and one-upped cars taunting drooling passers-by, decorated people with their gawkable hair and tattoos everywhere, super-sized everythings... Hard to see past it all. However, if you can find it in you to be less distracted by the shininess of the objects in your perceived reality, perhaps you would also discover that there are numerous layers of immeasurable depth beneath the surface of each of those things and every one of them is worth exploring! Every one of them offers some gold nugget. Some of them are freakin' diamonds! For the record, I don't like how diamonds are harvested. Wtf, people? How does humanity elude you so? Have you no heart? Maybe I'm wrong due to perspective, but I'm still a fan of respecting life, as minuscule as it may appear from a distance.

minimalistic art mural
Interspersions: Weirdo

[For the last 20 years, I've had a friend who repeatedly gave me the gift of punctuality and saved my time. I'll take that gift over a diamond any day! I know, I'm a weirdo. I just don't value the things most people value because I'm aware of so many more valuable things I'd rather have. Whatever, to each his own, but it doesn't negate the shallow puddle.]

Anyway, I guess I'm just a little pissy with the dismissiveness of the scientific community, or at least some of them. For a thousand reasons, I can't really blame them for their perspective. I see how they arrived there. However, it contradicts what they claim to be all about sooo... that disconnect renders science in the same boat as religion, which is why so many people are skeptical. I can't be more annoyed about that! Kinda feels like when you find out Santa isn't real. Yo, I am not saying science isn't real! Please don't misunderstand. (<---Dear, flat-earthers...) I'm just bummed that so many people seeking to expose universal mysteries shut down when they encounter mystery. Wtf? LOL

Curiosity may be the death of me because I seek the answers to some weird questions, I guess. They say cats have nine lives but I'm pretty sure I've exhausted a bunch of those already so I dunno how long I'll last with this degree of inquisition, lol. When I was a kid, I was raised to believe in God. God was the answer to all my questions, they said. I waved in and out of God like the ocean on a windy day. Believe me, I have substantial reasons. Anyway, when God failed me for the last time, I turned to all the gods because one was evidently not enough to save my babies or heal my mom. Maybe someone else's god was better, ya know? I had to explore all the options. I learned a lot through that process and it's too long a story to tell today, but ultimately it landed me at science. I believed in science because I found some answers there (and it made a fuck-ton of sense! <<<----Key factor.) I also found ridiculous new worlds I couldn't wait to explore! Naturally, I fell hard for science because it was so many things and it filled in the blanks. It masqueraded as everything! (Kinda like god(s), but different.). Never have I imagined a day where science would leave me feeling as empty as the gods.

Jack-of-all trades... I've been through biology, neuroscience, earth science, blah, blah, all the way to quantum physics only to discover that no one has the answers I seek. As a result, I see that in order to find those answers a bunch of different people have to come together to create the perfect storm. What do you suppose the odds of that are? So, I raised my kid to be the things I found missing in this world. He said it was a lot of pressure. I said that's how diamonds are formed. We agreed that Carbon rules! Maybe someday, he'll help me figure some stuff out. He's still stuck in the rigidity of science alone, though. What the hell can we do but ride the wave? Que sera, sera! If you have kids, raise those little bastards to be open-minded! The world neeeeeds open-minded people so desperately! I have questions that need answers and I can't find them by my freakin' self, lol. Thus far, anyway ;)

On that note, have a wonderful week, peeps! If you're reading, lemme know you're here with a like or a comment! If you're not, that's ok, too, 'cuz I can entertain myself. Skillz, yo! ;)

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