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The Space Between And Its Purpose

In 2008, I had finally painted one of "The Space Between" series and had an exhibition entitled as such. Over the years I came to discover that so many artists had arrived at this place, this thought, this realization, and I saw their interesting expressions of it and how they vastly differed from mine. For me, the space between things is much larger than for most, it seems anyway. It doesn't look like too many people contemplated this one this far. At first, that space began as a hairline, a fracture, an atom's width. As time passed and I evolved through my life experiences and studies, I came to realize that the space between this and that was more like a pencil's width.

Sometime later, it increased again and again until I realized the scale of it was not just a measurable space (physical), but rather a feeling we all experienced that is scaled on an invisible and personal level; a level only you could know about yourself. (I haven't even begun to tell you what I found there!) I couldn't help but arrive at this conclusion: When you set foot down the road (any road) and keep treading, you'll be sure to pass some landmarks. That's how you know where you are. Look back on those from time to time. Distance is important.

Some of us choose many paths and disperse our dir