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The Perfect Storm

I just can't release the topic of perfection!... Not yet. I wanna solve this debate. 1. Perfection is relative to personal experience. 2. It's one of those things that are difficult to define, but define it we must. 3. It's relative to perspective. Let's discuss.

1. Experience matters regarding quantity and type. The more experiences, the greater the points of reference. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the fuck you know if you can't put it together. I'm all about quality over quantity, except for sometimes. Here, quantity ups the probability of you having experienced similar enough things that they can be bucketed inside your noggin, for organization purposes and such. Let's say you have a bucket of triangles. That's cool, but not enough to give you the variety of shapes you need to comprehensively get how the universe functions, or even how you function. Let's say you acquire an additional piece; a square. A single thing is rarely enough to spark a pattern or stand out as pertinent... unless your square is covered in rainbow-striped glitter and has motion-censored musical capability. Then you found something badass. Rock on with yo' bad self!!! Take the bonuses when you can, otherwise, if you have 3+ squares in your bucket you developed another worthwhile set of information the regular way. (An inch or a mile; doesn't matter so long as you're moving forward.) The more shapes, colors, etc you collect, the more you can connect later. Here's the "magick" part. (Also... No, I'm not misspelling that. It's just, I'm old; like it.) Anyway, The magick is in the connection of all the pieces. Up until you conclude two triangles can make a square, all you've got is buckets of relatively useless triangles.

2. Perfection is a conglomeration of many things. The more buckets of shapes you've collected the greater the probability of you understanding perfection. Do know this... perfection is actually freakin' everywhere so I dunno how soooo many people are missing it! Yes, I do... they didn't define it so they can't identify it. Let me help... Music: A specific note of sound can be defined as E, for example. Math: Pick a number, any number! 2 is perfect every time. Art: Pick a color, any color ;) Red has a specific frequency (around 430 terahertz). Do you see how these three things tie in and validate each other? Art and sound both have frequencies. Math validates the other two, and believe it or not, art and music lead me to math all the freakin' time! These factors are what make them universal truths, and as such, they define what perfection feels like. [inner monologue: If you're familiar with more than one of these things, you must know what I mean! Right? Unless your level of awareness really sucks. Then I guess you could be clueless. In which case, I'm presumptuous as fuck! I gotta tone that down.] In learning to recognize the feelings, you can tell when you experience them in other places. Ever have the perfect sex? It's not like the other times. Ever hug a turn in a car just right? You don't even have to be the one driving to feel it! Ever fall in love with the perfect person? Doesn't feel like the other times. Incidentally, love is also a universal truth. Some things in life are perfect, but our awareness is often underdeveloped and we don't notice, we don't define, thus we don't know how to recognize. This is why the arts, math, and other universal truths are so important! However, you need to acquire more than one because otherwise, you only have a bucket of monochromatic triangles. You should be collecting experiences the way some of you hoard money, lol.

3. At the end of the day, no matter what quantity or quality of stuff you've managed to acquire (and even connect) if your mind is so closed off to possibility, there's no fucking way in hell this lifetime will be long enough for you to see jack-shit. <--- Is that hyphenated? I usually only speak these words, lol. Perspective, people. Perspective. A foundation has many bricks.

In summation, 1. Collect, 2. Connect, 3. Open your fucking minds because looking at you is boring the fuck out of me! Typically, I don't judge unless it inconveniences me. Stfu, some of you are like that, too! The rest of you are just judgy, lol. Also, you're slow as fuck over there and who's got time for that? :D New year, new can of worms, whatever.

For 30 years I've collected buckets and buckets of shapes 'n stuff. I recently put some of the fuckers together. Some things take time because they're stupid-complicated when broken down into their fundamental parts; like subatomic particles, but different. Have you patience? There's actually perfection to be found in there, too. Who knew?! Perspective. Although, admittedly, things requiring patience are ridiculously frustrating!!! Sometimes I feel like a 12-yr-old. Wtf happens in mid-life, puberty stage II? VII? I haven't defined that yet.

Welcome to 2021, peeps!!! I hope it kicked off in a badass way and follows suit all year through!!! I think things are gonna go a little differently moving forward so brace yourselves. Some things in life are heavy but they're definitely worthy of discussion. While I'd like to make this blog more about art, it turns out it's more about the art of life. I will, however, use the arts and sciences to explain the functionality of all sorts of life-things. I believe getting to the root of any issue is the only way to truly resolve it. Any alternative only masks and amplifies the problem. Let's make 2021 the year we resolve some tremendous social, personal, and educational issues, shall we? It's time to make sense of things and change them for the better.

If you dig the blog, give a heart, share with a friend, or otherwise spread the word. Let's have meaningful conversations about life. #perspective. Thanks for reading! :) ¡Te veo el lunes!

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