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The Perfect Storm

I just can't release the topic of perfection!... Not yet. I wanna solve this debate. 1. Perfection is relative to personal experience. 2. It's one of those things that are difficult to define, but define it we must. 3. It's relative to perspective. Let's discuss.

1. Experience matters regarding quantity and type. The more experiences, the greater the points of reference. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what the fuck you know if you can't put it together. I'm all about quality over quantity, except for sometimes. Here, quantity ups the probability of you having experienced similar enough things that they can be bucketed inside your noggin, for organization purposes and such. Let's say you have a bucket of triangles. That's cool, but not enough to give you the variety of shapes you need to comprehensively get how the universe functions, or even how you function. Let's say you acquire an additional piece; a square. A single thing is rarely enough to spark a pattern or stand out as pertinent... unless your square is covered in rainbow-striped glitter and has motion-censored musical capability. Then you found something badass. Rock on with yo' bad self!!! Take the bonuses when you can, otherwise, if you have 3+ squares in your bucket you developed another worthwhile set of information the regular way. (An inch or a mile; doesn't matter so long as you're moving forward.) The more shapes, colors, etc you collect, the more you can connect later. Here's the "magick" part. (Also... No, I'm not misspelling that. It's just, I'm old; like it.) Anyway, The magick is in the connection of all the pieces. Up until you conclude two triangles can make a square, all you've got is buckets of relatively useless triangles.