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Walking Boots, Self-Expression, And Beliefs

Sometimes I try on other people’s boots just to see what it’s like to walk in them. In some fashion, I mean that literally. Reading about something or hearing it versus living it are significantly different things and I’m a bigger fan of empirical facts than opinions, though they both have their place. Just because you read what I’ve written here and/or on social media doesn’t mean you can conglomerate my essence from a few posts. I could feel your confusion. You’ve no concept of who I am relative to what you thought you knew about me because things don't add up. That’s fine by me because I challenge perceptions as an art form. I was never fond of boxes; the limitations that people have and impose on others. They’re dumb. The boxes, not necessarily the people, although sometimes, lol.

I was once almost fired from a corporate job in a financial institution because I colored my hair purple. What was their logic, I could count well as a brunette but purple spontaneously makes one incompetent? However, boxed-blonde over there wasn’t mentally impacted by her color, lol. Ridiculous! If it was a matter of corporate presentation, it’s still a dumb thing to judge because it’s the same as someone wearing colored contacts or having tattoos. So what if we come in an array of colors?! What happened to judging by character? Conservative appearance is just that.... appearance; a giant, unnecessary, and inhibiting lie. We need to stop annihilating self-expression because it results in unhealthy, and sometimes detrimental, impacts on the well-being of individuals and society alike. And it slows the growth of humanity, even! I’m not going to stop what I’m doing simply because people are confused, but I will try to be a bit clearer about it… though sometimes it’s not possible without screwing up my system and I won't compromise the truth of my art. The whole truths I seek can only be collected under certain conditions. Sidenote: We could be more expressive and spectral without taking it to Clown Town. We don't have to be so extreme as in The Hunger Games' upper-class town. Self-expression doesn't have to land at laughable...