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Running In Circles

So many things in life run in circles! For instance, the cycle of life... at one end is birth and at the other, death. The part that interests me is where they meet again, that place of transition, that space between the spiral.... because it isn't a circle after all, is it? It's a spiral that appears as a circle from a certain perspective, but shift the perspective and you'll see multiple circles that are just part of a greater whole.

The life/ death cycle isn't the only that functions in this manner. Consider ignorance and intellect, love and hate, etc. That place where the two "ends" appear to meet can look a lot like their counterpart but aren't actually so. There's a place where intellect can appear as outright stupidity. There's a place where love can masquerade as hate. Ever wonder why there's so much confusion in the world, so much discord and divisiveness? This is one of the main reasons why, imo. People land in these places but can't define where they are. It's as if they're driving blind through life.

I'm not judging. I'm rarely actually judging anything because I've been down so many of these roads, where would I get off! On one hand. On another hand, since I found my way, I tend to judge the part where people don't take the time to figure out where the hell they are, what they're doing there, how to navigate, etc. They don't gravitate towards questions. Without the questions, they can't even seek the answers. They're simply confused. And there they stay, wanderers who are, indeed, lost.

I get lost all the damn time! But also, somehow or another, I'm confident I'll get found. I usually find myself and rarely go so far that I can't turn around and make my way back to where I belong. But, there was this one time I went too far and it took me years to find my way again. Also, since I explore multiple roads simultaneously, it can get easy to lose sight of a few paths. It's dangerous to do these things alone because there's no one to tell me when I've gone too far or what I may have missed. There's no one that checks in. That's not entirely true. I have a few peeps, but they let me run such a long distance before they get concerned, even if I'm out of line. They expect my return because I always do, historically.