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What Is Love? Baby Don't...

When one is in pain for too long, it really takes a toll in more ways than we tend to realize.

Shells are built

Armor on

Defenses up

Ready for war

We get sucked into our work as a form of escapism, a way to deal with the pain. The erosion that takes place over time carves canyons.

Sometimes it rains

And rivers stream

And it's hard not to wash

Into the ocean

So we seek ways out

But the roads are muddy

And we sometimes get stuck

On the way up

Until our hearts bleed


And during all this inner work, we neglect some pieces because we're so preoccupied working through the pain, working through the work, living up to responsibilities, and so forth.

Sometimes someone comes along

And holds you accountable

Metamorphosizes your world

Changes insurmountable

From caterpillart to winged thing

And there's no greater love than the kind that gives of the self that way, is patient and kind even in a livid state. If you're lucky enough to find such a place where you could feel safe bathed in truth, hold on tight and hope it holds you, too. Such love is strong enough to take some pain away. It helps you get through the day and gives you something to look forward to. It constructs rather than deconstructs. Though it can cause its own pain, due to the severity, it's generally avoided. When partners both have great stakes at play, no one wants to lose.

Equality is a thing. True love is a thing and it does not intend to hurt, only teach and catch. Any pain is temporary and a lesson learned but not repeated. There's no actual threat.

There's not a day that goes by

That you're not on my mind

Or a note I want to sing without you

That isn't about you

Or a triumph I don't want to share

Or a debt I won't let you square

In a world that puts us through the wringer, it's rare to find universal truths since they hide beneath kilotons of debris. It's rare to find upstanding character that exceeds the norm, or someone who can share in all you are because they are that, too. To find someone with whom you could be your whole self without wrongful judgment is priceless! I'd rather that than all the diamonds in the world.

Love forgives but there's still a price to pay ;p

Love is an array

Of color

Of light

And shadow

And lines

As in art or

Rests in music

Love grows strength like flowers and feeds power; within reason, of course. It has visions and the scales are comparable. Love knows. It knows what's in your heart and soul and there's a connection, inexplicable. Strings get pulled and you can feel them. From a distance, you can heal them.

Every drop of blood was worth

What I see in you

Every tear that rolled

Every grain of sand

Every sun I waited

To hold your hand

To love is to protect, reflect, bring authenticity to the table, to look inside the mind behind the eyes and feel the beat, to catch the lie. And sometimes, it's to put the object of your love in their place because they lost their way. Though it may come with a heavy hand its core intention is to help, but most times it's soft as soft could be to try to avoid injury.

I'll love you at your low and high

The space between

Sky to sky

I'll love you till the end of time

Through the pain

Through the games

Through the silent rains

With the whole of my heart

And my wishes on stars

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